Feb 13, 2011

Guide for modest computer (budget $521)

Ok, today we'll see what we'll be able to buy with a budget of $521.
  • Motherboard; MSI 870A-G54 which costs $99 Or a GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 for $109
  • CPU; Phenom II x2 560 BE for $100 or a Athlon II X4 640 for $100
  • PSU; SeaSonic S12II 520 520w  for $60 Or any 80+ 400w+ PSU.
  • Case; Centurion 5 II for $60 or CM690 II for $70
  • GPU; 5770 for $130 or a 450 for $110
  • RAM; 4 GB DD3 $42
  • HDD; 500GB $50
TOTAL: $ 521*

*prices taken from newegg.com


  1. Thx, i really need to fix my computer. It cant handle allot of moving pixles at the same time. Cant play my games right :/

  2. Damn man like always you never fail to deliver with the build computer specs.

  3. Wish I could see a good build with an Intel processor. Is I7 a better CPU?

  4. That's a pretty sweet configuration. I built something similar last year. I always go for AMD.

  5. looking better and better as we go up eager to see the higher priced monstrosities

  6. Time to make a configuration for us rich people out here.

  7. Nice config, with that money is really great.